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Shun Classic 8-Piece Student Set DMS0899 Brand NEW Auth Dealer

Shun Classic 8-Piece Student Set DMS0899 Brand NEW Auth Dealer

Shun Classic 8-Piece Student Set DMS0899 Brand NEW Auth Dealer    Shun Classic 8-Piece Student Set DMS0899 Brand NEW Auth Dealer

New Shun Classic 8-Piece Student Set DMS0899. ALL THE ESSENTIAL KNIVES, PLUS IMPORTANT SPECIALTY KNIVES FOR THE ASPIRING CHEF. The Shun Classic line of tasteful and contemporary cutlery. The Shun Classic line features beautiful Damascus-clad blades and D-shaped ebony PakkaWood® handles. Yet behind these handcrafted knives' beauty is function: razor-sharp blades offering top performance.

Shun's proprietary high-performance VG-MAX steel, which provides incredible edge retention, is clad with Damascus stainless steel, then ground and bead-blasted, revealing the flowing pattern of the layered steel. The result is a line of knives that are sharp, durable, and corrosion resistant, as well as beautiful to behold. The Shun Classic line also offers you the widest assortment of both traditional culinary blade shapes and cutting-edge designs, so you can always find the right knife for the task. The Shun Classic 8-Piece Student Set includes the key knives you'll need every day in classthe Shun Classic 8-in. Chef's Knife, the 3.5-in.

Paring Knife, and the 6-in. The Shun Boning/Fillet Knife provides the tool you'll need to master the important skills of boning and filleting. Bread Knife ensures your bread slices quickly and cleanly.

The Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife helps you make thin, even slices. Also included is the Shun Honing Steel to help maintain your knives' Shun-sharp edge. And finally, to carry it all to and from class, this 8-piece set includes a sturdy 8-Slot Shun Knife Roll. The handsome nylon knife roll is embroidered with the Shun logo and will hold all your knives, plus room for one more. It folds up compactly for easy carrying.

The Shun Classic Paring Knife is a must-have for every kitchen. In a way, you can think of it as the mini version of the chef's knife because, like the chef's knife, the paring knife is quite versatile. The paring knife gets its name from its main functionremoving or paring away things like peels or pits from fruits and vegetables. Its ideal for peeling, coring, trimming, decorating, and other detail work.

Its small size gives you complete control over the tip and edge of the blade. Generally, you'll use this knife in your hand rather than against a cutting board, though paring knives can also be used for chopping small foods, such as garlic cloves or ginger. For peeling, trimming, coring, and more, its essential. Hand-sharpened 16° double-bevel blade (32° comprehensive).

Steel: Proprietary VG-MAX cutting core, 34 layers each side (68 total) stainless Damascus cladding. Blade length: 3.5 in. In size, the Shun Classic Utility Knife is between a chefs knife and a paring knife, but its blade is narrower and straighter. It's perfect for a multitude of small tasks where more precise cuts are needed, such as trimming broccoli, green beans, or other smaller vegetables.

Some cooks like to use it in their hand, tooalmost like a large paring knife. Others like its smaller size as an alternative to the chefs knife. Its very slightly curved belly enables it to do moderate rocking cuts. Its nimble enough to peel an onion in hand, then slice it up in short order. Utility knives are sometimes called sandwich knives because they work well on almost everything that goes into a sandwichfrom thin-skinned vegetables such as tomatoes, to meats and cheeses.

Multi-purpose, between a chefs and paring in size. If there is one knife that you simply cant be without, its this one. The Shun Classic 8-inch Chef's Knife is an all-purpose blade ideal for a wide variety of cutting tasks. The eight-inch length is perfect for preparing fruits, vegetables, proteins, and other foods. The wide blade keeps knuckles off the cutting board and is extra handy when transferring cut food from board to pan. With its curved belly, the Chef's knife can be gently "rocked" through fresh herbs or spices to produce a very fine mince. Shun Classic's thinner blades makes it lighter and less tiring to use than comparable European-style Chef's knives. The true does-it-all kitchen knife. The Shun Classic Boning/Fillet is adept at these two key kitchen chores. For boning, the narrow, sharp, curved blade gets in close to the bone, making it easy to separate meat from bone. Even fibrous tissue is no match for Shun's extremely sharp edge. Its perfect for trimming the silver skin from a tenderloin or roast or even making your own cutlets. The narrow blade reduces the drag as you cut against the meat, so cutting is fast and easy.

When it comes to filleting fish, the blade's six-inch length is just right to glide through the body of the fish, quickly removing bones and skin. The D-shaped handle provides a secure grip for excellent control. Curved, rigid blade gets in close and offers controlled cutting. Can the right knife really make food taste better? The Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife's long, narrow blade allows you to make a cleaner cut, which helps keep more of the juicesand thus more of the flavortrapped in the meat.

The longer blade lets you make precise slices with a single stroke, while the narrower profile and hollow-ground indentations help the blade glide through the meat with even less friction. Producing thin, beautiful, even slices of meat isnt hardwhen your have the right knife. The Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife is the right knife.

Hollow-ground indentations help slices release from the blade. After a chefs knife and a paring knife, some cooks say that the knife they most cant live without is their bread knife. Its a crime to ruin a fresh loaf of bread by smashing it beneath the blade of a dull knife. The wide, low frequency serrations on the Shun Classic Bread Knife are not only razor-sharp, but they do a much better job slicing any type of bread than a straight-edged knife. The undulating serrations provide the power you need to gently saw through a crusty loaf without tearing the tender interior.

And it works equally well on very soft breads and even pastries. Whether your bread is delicately tender or wonderfully crusty, just gently saw back and forth to cut off the perfect slice of bread with nary an unsightly rip or tear.

Slice tender or crusty breads with no ripping, squashing, or tearing. With each use of your knife, the razor-sharp edge naturally bends over just a tiny bit. The edge is still sharp, but the sharpest part isnt making contact with the food. The answer is honing with the Shun Classic Combination Honing Steel. It gently realigns the edge of the blade, prolonging the knife's sharpness.

The Shun Classic Combination Honing Steel has two surfaces: a smooth one for day-to-day honing, and a micro-ribbed one for weekly honing. While fine European knives can require honing after each use, Shun's harder steel means you can hone just once a week or so, depending on your level of use. To make honing to the correct 16° Shun angle easier, the Shun Classic Combination Honing Steel has a built-in 16° angle on the handle. The premium PakkaWood® handle provides a secure grip and matches the handles of the rest of the beautiful Shun Classic line. Built-in angle guide makes precision honing easy. Two honing surfaces: smooth for everyday honing; micro-ribbed for weekly care. If you travel with your knives, you need a knife-friendly way to carry them.

May we suggest the Shun Knife Roll? It offers space for up to eight knives in secure elasticized pockets. In addition, there's a zippered net pocket inside, perfect for additional non-bladed kitchen tools that your want to take with you. The interior of the knife roll has space for business cards and writing toolsor a couple of pairs of chopsticks, if you prefer. The roll is made of PVC-laminated 600 denier woven polyester with nylon straps.

It is fully zippered, has Velcro closures, and offers a padded, reinforced handle. D-rings at either end accommodate a strap. Embroidered with the Shun logo in red and gold, the Shun 8-Slot Knife Roll is a classy and secure way to travel with your knives. Accommodates up to 8 knives.

Sturdy PVC-laminated 600 denier polyester material; nylon straps. Unfolded size: 19 ½ in. (49.5 x 45.7 cm). Folded size: 19 1/2 in.

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  1. Type: Knife Set
  2. Brand: Shun
  3. Model: Classic
  4. MPN: DMS0899
  5. Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  6. Material: Steel: Proprietary VG-MAX cutting core, 34 layers

Shun Classic 8-Piece Student Set DMS0899 Brand NEW Auth Dealer    Shun Classic 8-Piece Student Set DMS0899 Brand NEW Auth Dealer